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We know that most parents are not comfortable teaching their teenagers about money. Add the fact that schools are not teaching practical money skills either, and there is a problem. Our teenagers need money help. We created Money Smart Skills for that reason. Our goal is to help teenagers quickly learn about money so they can WIN at life!
Are We Living Vicariously Through Our Children?
Written by Nate Jensen
It is unfortunate when our teenagers are not able to achieve or live their dreams. Sometimes it is not possible. Other times it’s within our control. 

Let me ask you, “Do you feel stuck in life?  Are you living your dream life? Do you want your kids to copy the life you are living?"  These are challenging questions that get to some core issues. My wife and I have always wanted more for our children, and it’s likely that you do too. If we want more for our kids, that means we need to do something different as parents. Teach them different. Expose them to different. And help them think different!

We say we want certain things for our teenagers: to be happy, to be an athlete, a starter, an Olympian, a pro, a musician, a...... whatever.  We want our teenagers to be the best, have great friends, genuine relationships, great grades, be well liked, and to be successful. 

But are all those things what really what we want for our children?  What if it’s really something else that we desire, but it's easier to pursue all those external things?  What if we are actually asking our children to live our own dreams for us?  

Consider for a minute the possibility that our parenting focus and the busyness of our lives is trying to help our teenagers experience and achieve what we didn’t or weren’t able to do.  Or maybe we are busy pushing them and staying busy so we don’t have to feel and experience the reality and pain of our own lives.  What is your parenting motivation?  What kind of life do you really want your children to have?  Most parents, when they are honest would say they simply want their children to have a chance to live their dreams. To win at life. To be set up for success however they define it for themselves.

That chance at a winning life comes when children learn responsibility, become independent, and have the ability to make choices without wondering if it’s possible. If they can “afford” it. Or if they have the skills or ability to do it.  Money skills are a key to living your dream life.  When you learn money skills that help you remove money as an obstacle or the idea that “I can’t afford it” or “That’s not possible for me”, then all of life’s opportunities open up for you and you really can develop the mindset of living your dreams!

Eighty percent of parents are honest in saying that they don’t feel comfortable teaching their children about money, and I get that.  Most parents don’t feel good about their own financial challenges, debt load, and overall money confusion, and don’t want to teach their kids bad habits.  It’s also not cool that money skills are not learned in school.  Some schools have a few classes, but it’s clear that our teenagers are financially illiterate.  So, what do we do?  How can we teach them to be smart with money, develop great habits, make solid money decisions, and put them in a position to win at life and live their dreams?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution for all teenagers.  Part two in this 3 part series will go deeper into the specific money skills that our teenagers can learn quickly to start Living their Dreams!  If you want to learn more about teaching your teenager about money, GO HERE!

About Nate Jensen:

Hi there! I'm Nate. A Dad to four amazing teenagers and young adults. I have an Executive MBA, and am a former Vice President of a Fortune 500 financial services company. After spending more than 20 years helping thousands of people with unique money situations, I am now able to offer you a shortcut to teaching your teenager how they can be successful with money. My children and I created a powerful online course that teaches teenagers about money so they can win at life! We teach teenagers everything they need to be Money Smart, and help them create their very own personal and practical money plan that they can use right away! If you want the easy way to create immediate financial success for your teen and take the pressure off of your own money, this is the place for you to be. 
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