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We know that most parents are not comfortable teaching their teenagers about money. Add the fact that schools are not teaching practical money skills either, and there is a problem.  Our teenagers need money help.  We created Money Smart Skills for that reason.  Our goal is to help teenagers quickly learn about money so they can WIN at life! 
The One Tool Teenagers Need to Make Smart Spending Decisions!
Written by Nate Jensen
Are you tired of watching your teen waste money on what you consider frivolous purchases? Do you want them to be able to focus on what is important instead of what seems trivial. It is very common for teens to spend their money on things they want for short term gratification. Thankfully, there is a way to help them see the bigger picture!  

When you give your dreams a deadline, they become goals, and when you put your goals in order of importance they become priorities.  Breaking your priorities down into smaller pieces, known as action steps, allows you to build a daily action plan. Scheduling time and setting aside any money necessary for your priorities allows your teenager to truly "live your dreams” one action step at a time! 

The personal priority list is the key tool to help teenagers learn how to make great decisions with money! It will teach teens to think critically, evaluate multiple options, and fine tune their decision making skills while keeping them focused on accomplishing goals and living their dreams! A priority list incorporates many financial principles, including planning, saving, patience, and delayed gratification.  

A Personal Priority List makes it easy for Teenagers to decide how to spend money.  Here is how you can create and use a Personal Priority List! 
First, Keep an ongoing personal priority list to organize your money goals and dreams. Write down the things you would like to purchase, do, or experience when you have enough money.  Organize the list in order of importance to you.  The most important item is listed first, along with the total cost of the item, and the date it was added to the list.  The second most important item is listed next, and so on.  Your list can include physical items, experiences (trips, camp, tickets for a game), services (ears pierced, hair done), or anything really! Every month, give yourself a small, but adequate amount of money to spend randomly on absolutely anything you want at any time. It can be spontaneous or planned spending.  Keep this money in its own place, and easily acceptable.
When you have a desire to purchase an item that costs more than the money you have set aside for random spending, add the item to your personal priority list.
When the number 1 (most important) item has been on the list for at least 2 weeks, and you have the money for it, then purchase that item and celebrate that you set a goal and accomplished it with great decision making skills!
The order of your priority list can be changed at any time.  For example: if you have the spending money to purchase item #2, and it has been on the list for at least two weeks, you may purchase that item.
After using your Personal Priority List for a while, you will learn many things about your habits, goals, and priorities.  You may find that you change your mind about what is on the list, or the order of priority.  I recommend spending a few minutes each week reviewing and updating your Personal Priority List.  Share any changes you make with your parent, or another adult and write down the things that you are learning.

Your Personal Priority List will keep you focused on your real goals and priorities which will help you spend and save money wisely as you live your dreams and win at life! 

If you want your teenager to learn more about money so they can win at life, GO HERE!

About Nate Jensen:

Hi there!  I'm Nate.  A Dad to four amazing teenagers and young adults.  I have an Executive MBA, and am a former Vice President of a Fortune 500 financial services company.  After spending more than 20 years helping thousands of people with unique money situations, I am now able to offer you a shortcut to teaching your teenager how they can be successful with money. My children and I created a powerful online course that teaches teenagers about money so they can win at life!  We teach teenagers everything they need to be Money Smart, and help them create their very own personal and practical money plan that they can use right away!  If you want the easy way to create immediate financial success for your teen and take the pressure off of your own money, this is the place for you to be. 
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