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Become a Money Smart Skills Affiliate

Feel good about helping the Home School Community get their money figured out... including both Kids AND Parents!

Home School parents and their kids do not want money "lectures", they want practical, real world assistance with money. Help them get what they need while earning revenue for your efforts.

You just found the curriculum that Home Schoolers need to teach Kids, Teens, Young Adults and Adults about money! 


Home School parents have been struggling with how to teach their kids and teens about money for decades.  The good news is, you just found what you've been looking for and MORE!  


Check out each of the age specific courses that are transforming lives around the world!


Adult Course & Fast Start

The Adult course takes you step by step through the process of creating a money plan to make to live your dreams. Get your money figured out in 14 short lessons. Live the life of your dreams and set your family up for success.

Young Adult Course & Fast Start

Young Adults are in a great position to WIN with money. This course teaches them everything they need to know about money and then shows them how to turn that knowledge into an actionable money plan that they can start using right away. This course sets young adults up for a lifetime of financial success.

960x540 Teachable Course Young Adult.png


Teen Course & Fast Start

Teens learn how to manage money in today's digital world in this course. Help Teens to get a head start with money and create their very own financial plan in addition to learning the basics of credit, investing and taxes.

960x540 Teachable Course Teen.png


Kids Course

There is no better time to teach your 6 to 12 year old kids to be smart with money. This course will give them a great understanding of how money works, and will guide them through creating their own weekly money plan.

960x540 Teachable Course Kids.png



The Complete Money Suite

This money suite Is all 4 of our courses combined into one purchase. Buyers save significant money by bundling.

960x540 Teachable The Complete Money Suite.png

You are invited to help transform the financial lives of people everywhere and be rewarded while you do!

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Got questions before getting started?

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know and we'll be with you as soon as we can!

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