Hey Young Adults,
Let's learn some Money Smart Skills! 

This workshop is helpful for Young Adults trying to figure out 
money stuff including student loans, car payments, and bills!

The Money Smart Skills Workshop for Young Adults:

*Is guaranteed to help you gain confidence with money

*Helps you create your very own personalized Money Plan

*Provides Young Adults with a Money Roadmap that leads to Success!

Check out this brief overview of the 10 Lessons:

1: The Ten Steps for Young Adult Money Success
2: Your Goals and Dreams
3: Your Personal Priorities
4: Money Smart Skills Part 1
5: Money Smart Skills Part 2
6: A Financial Plan for your 20's
7: Money Comes IN & Money Goes Out
8: Maximizing Your Money
9: The Benefits of Fast Start Coaching
10: Credit, Investments, and Taxes

The Money Smart Skills Workshop 
for Young Adults 

You get unlimited access to the 10 Lesson Money Smart Skills Workshop, 
PLUS  8 Customizable Money Planning Documents!  
All for only 97 bucks. ($297 value) 

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