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Grayson Jensen

Grayson Jensen

Creative Visionary & Passionate Adventurer

Meet Grayson Jensen - an enthusiastic creator, adrenaline enthusiast, and a relational powerhouse. His life is a vibrant tapestry woven with faith, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Grayson embraces each day with a spirit of adventure, love, responsibility, and the drive to make a meaningful impact in everything he does.

Credentials & Expertise

From the energetic alleys of childhood entrepreneurship to the polished studios of brand giants, Grayson Jensen's professional tapestry is interwoven with innovation and real-world financial savvy. His early ventures—ranging from basic neighborhood services to a fledgling apparel brand—were the crucibles that forged his financial proficiency, a knowledge that is lived rather than learned. Today, Grayson is a respected freelancer whose portfolio gleams with projects for Lexus, Adobe, and other prestigious names, evidencing his expertise in applying foundational financial insights to creative and commercial success.

Academic Background

Educated at home until high school, Grayson enjoyed an academic freedom that encouraged an appetite for knowledge and an entrepreneurial mindset. This non-traditional education laid the groundwork for his resourceful approach to business and creativity. His formative years were characterized by a unique synthesis of independent study, practical life lessons, and a passion-driven pursuit of expertise in visual arts—a discipline where he has since excelled remarkably.

Teaching Philosophy

Grayson's approach to financial education is deeply personal, emphasizing the power of narrative and visual storytelling to demystify complex concepts. He embodies the belief that learning is most effective when it resonates on a personal level and is applied in daily life. This philosophy is lived out in the Money Smart Skills Courses, where Grayson translates financial principles into visually engaging, easily digestible content, making a once daunting subject accessible and engaging.

Personal Anecdotes

Grayson's narrative is one of unwavering zest for life and an indomitable spirit of adventure. Shaped by a family that values faith, integrity, and courage, he has embraced a path filled with unexpected turns and inspiring milestones. From crafting his first business to capturing the essence of global brands through his lens, Grayson’s journey is a vivid illustration of how a life powered by passion and grounded in sound financial principles can lead to extraordinary places. His role at Money Smart Skills, alongside his father, allows him to fuse his creative talents with his desire to empower others financially—a mission both personal and profound.

Our Courses

Unlock your path to financial freedom with our range of courses designed for every age and stage of life. From kids to adults, we offer the tools, strategies, and expertise you need to make smart money decisions. Our easy-to-follow modules, expert coaching, and customizable money tools ensure you'll not only learn valuable skills but also implement them. Begin your journey towards financial literacy and long-term success today.


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