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Nate Jensen

Nate Jensen

Your Real-World Mentor for Financial Success

Nate Jensen isn't your typical financial expert. He's a family man, a fitness enthusiast, and someone who genuinely understands the ups and downs of managing money. His approach to financial coaching is clear, straightforward, and rooted in real-life experiences, making him a relatable and trusted advisor to those looking to improve their financial well-being

In his personal life, Nate enjoys his roles as husband, father, and "Pops" to his grandchildren.  His financial teachings are grounded in real-life family values and experiences. Nate’s athletic background, including setting a high school high jump record that still stands, parallels his financial coaching philosophy—set high standards, work diligently, and exceed your goals.

Credentials & Expertise

Nate’s academic prowess boasts a triple major in finance, management, and economics. He also expanded his business and financial acumen with an Executive MBA. His professional journey is as diverse as his academic achievements – from decades in financial service to serving four years as a full-time pastor to leading a special-needs organization, Nate has a deep-seated passion to enhance lives.

Academic Background

With a Bachelor of Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Nate built a strong academic foundation. He further honed his leadership and executive skills with a Master of Business Administration, a Ken Blanchard Executive MBA, from Grand Canyon University.

Teaching Philosophy

To Nate, money is fuel for your dreams, not a roadblock. With a unique approach to financial education, he empowers you to see money as a tool – one that works for you, not against you. This transformative perspective paves the way for financial decisions that align seamlessly with your life goals.

Personal Anecdotes

Outside the realm of finance and community service, Nate is a committed athlete. He etched his mark as a high jumper in high school and college, and has stayed active in various fitness activities his entire life. At his core, Nate is a devoted family man, husband, father, and grandfather, whose actions are deeply rooted in faith and love.

Our Courses

Unlock your path to financial freedom with our range of courses designed for every age and stage of life. From kids to adults, we offer the tools, strategies, and expertise you need to make smart money decisions. Our easy-to-follow modules, expert coaching, and customizable money tools ensure you'll not only learn valuable skills but also implement them. Begin your journey towards financial literacy and long-term success today.


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