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Money Smart Skills is your Certified Arizona ESA Financial Literacy Partner.  We will teach your kids and teens about money so they can win at life.
(and give Mom and Dad a hand too)

Bundle of Money Courses for Arizona ESA Families

Help your kids and teens get their money figured out.

We have designed a bundle of Financial Courses specifically for the Arizona ESA Family. 


Watch this video to learn how these courses are helping families across the state and how you can get yours. 


Your Money Smart Skills
Education Bundle

Kids Course

There is no better time to teach your 6 to 12 year old kids to be smart with money. This course will give them a great understanding of how money works, and will guide them through creating their own weekly money plan.

Thumbnail for the Kids Money Smart Skills Course

Teen Course

Teens learn how to manage money in today's digital world in this course. Help Teens to get a head start with money and create their very own financial plan in addition to learning the basics of credit, investing and taxes.

Thumbnail for the Teen Money Smart Skills Course

Young Adult Course

Young Adults are in a great position to WIN with money. This course teaches them everything they need to know about money and then shows them how to turn that knowledge into an actionable money plan that they can start using right away. This course sets young adults up for a lifetime of financial success.

Thumbnail for the Young Adult Money Smart Skills Course

Adult Course

The Adult course takes you step by step through the process of creating a money plan to make to live your dreams. Get your money figured out in 14 short lessons. Live the life of your dreams and set your family up for success.

Thumbnail for the Adult Money Smart Skills Course

You are invited to transform the financial lives of your entire family with simple yet powerful courses. 

What people from our community have to say.


John R.

We used our ESA to purchase the Money Smart Education Bundle. Each course provided valuable insights and practical tips that we implemented right away. It has strengthened our financial literacy as a family, and we couldn't be happier!


Sara D.

We love the Money Smart Education Bundle.  The Kids Course helped our young ones grasp the basics of money management. The Teen Course empowered our teenagers to make informed financial decisions. And the Adult Course tied it all together, addressing our specific needs. These courses are a must for families seeking financial education.


Robert M.

Enrolling our family in the Money Smart Skills Courses was a game-changer. Our younger child and teen both gained lots of financial insights. Because there is a specific course for each age group, even the adults in our home learned way more than expected. Every family needs to have access to these courses.

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