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Most parents are not comfortable teaching their teenagers about money. Add the fact that schools are not teaching practical money skills, and there is a problem. Our teenagers need money help. We created Money Smart Skills for that reason. Our goal is to help teenagers quickly learn about money so they can WIN at life! 
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Written by Nate Jensen
Good News! We can teach our teenagers about money in a short amount of time, so they can win at life!  When you think about the life skills that your teenager is going to need to be successful, what comes to mind? Work skills, social....
Written by Nate Jensen
It is unfortunate when our teenagers are not able to achieve or live their dreams. Sometimes it is not possible. Other times it’s within our control. Let me ask you, “Do you feel stuck in life? Are you living your dream life? Do you want....
Written by Nate Jensen
Are you tired of watching your teen waste money on frivolous purchases? Do you want them to focus on what is important instead of what seems trivial?  It is common for teens to spend their money on...
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