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with our authentic, effective and practical online workshops.

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Money Skills 
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with our authentic, effective, and practical online money workshops.

 "I recommend Money Smart Skills one million percent! 
The time Nate spent teaching my kids about money changed them forever!"
-Crissy Borg, Arizona

 "I recommend Money Smart Skills one million percent! 
The time Nate spent teaching my kids about money changed them forever!"
-Crissy Borg, Arizona

We offer everyone help with money,
 by teaching age-specific, practical money skills 
to Adults, Young Adults, Teens and Kids.  

We knew that would get your attention!  
Who in your life needs a hand with money? 

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"A powerful system to help teach all ages about money"

25+ years of real financial experience all wrapped up into a workshop just for you.

Effective, change driven material made to help you enhance your life.

Your answer for accomplishing goals and living the life of your dreams.

Meet Your Coach

Nate Jensen

Hey everyone, my name is Nate.  I live in Arizona and have a crazy awesome life that I share with my amazing wife, Christina, our 4 outstanding children, and lots of other loved ones. Teaching people about money is one of my greatest passions and one that I am excited to share with you. I am excited for you to get started on your money journey with us no matter where you're at in life.
Our goal is to help you reach your goals.
  • Learn the in's & outs of how money works
  • Make a plan to pay for college or pay off college debt
  • Tips on the best way to purchase a car & what kind of car you should have
  • ​Gain knowledge on investing
  • ​Pay off debt
  • ​Prepare to buy your first home or upgrade your home
  • ​Find financial freedom

Learn to be confident & capable with YOUR money very quickly.

Listen to What People are Saying About Money Smart Skills 👇

"Money Smart Skills helped me organize my finances and savings in an efficient manner. Now I have invested and saved my money to help prepare me for the future as an adult. Nate's program is a huge component to efficiently investing, spending and saving."
- Kol Bailey, AZ

-Jessica Figueroa Kemp

"Before I came across Money Smart Skills, I felt like my checking account was a number that I didn't have much control over. The most important value Nate taught me was that I get to control where my money goes. I am the boss of my money and it's not the boss of me. He helped me realize that all a budget does is tell your money what it's going to do. Nate has the ability to take any person in any financial situation and teach them financial skills that will guarantee a peaceful future."
- Garrett, AZ
"From the principles of Money Smart Skills, I have learned how to create a rough budget, pay off medical debt and make big purchases. I appreciate the easy steps to follow and how they are simple to implement in your every day life. With the help from Money Smart Skills I have been able to have more financial freedom and even go on fun trips like Hawaii!"
- Haley, AZ
"The Money Smart Skills system has made a drastic impact on my life. I learned to start saving at a young age and do everything I can to avoid debt. I followed the system by having multiple income sources, sticking to a budget, and saving more than spending. Because of this I was able to purchase a car with cash and graduate college debt-free!!!! The best part of that was starting out my adult life with zero financial stress and only the future to think about."

- Aaron, CA
"Because of Money Smart Skills, I have been able to sharpen my skills on how to be financially responsible. One of the lessons I have been able to use multiple times is the two week rule for making purchases. This has saved me money on many occasions!"

- Serena, MN
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